Hygiene of populated placesISSN: 2707-0441 eISSN: 2707-045X
Issue 71, 2021   -   Pages: 48-57
O. Turos1, A. Petrosian1, V. Morhulova1, T. Maremukha1

: 614.71:351.777:504.06

Objective: develop, evaluate and establish perspective and current technological standards for permissible emissions (TSPE) of pollutants using methodical approaches of human health risk as-sessment methodology and analyzed the conclusions for the best available technologies and management methods (BAT) recommended by the EU.
Materials and methods: perspective and current technological standards for permissible emissions of pollutants and developed the conclusions for the best available technologies and management methods (BAT; recommended by the EU); mathematical modelling of air pollution; human health risk assessment; cartographic methods using geographic information systems (GIS; ArcGis 10.0) and Earth remote sensing data (remote sensing; space images).
Results. The main requirement for achieving management goals in the field of air protection to secure exposure population and climate change prevention is the establishment and achievement TSPE of pollutants by industrial enterprises. Draft Law On Prevention, Reduction and Control of Industrial Pollution envisages changing the concept on emission standardization for many industries by gradually implementing the BAT conclusions (European sectoral documents BATs and BREFs). However, most existing TSPE in Ukraine for various production processes, were developed without taking into account human health impact assessments and do not give an objective assessment on the feasibility of achieving them from the standpoint of maintaining human health in certain areas.
Conclusions. In performed research, the current and perspective TSPE of the pollutants and conclusions of the best available technologies and management methods (BATs recommended by the EU) for different types of equipment were developed and evaluated with the help of the hygienic approaches. The impossibility of the implementation (without taking into account the health effect assessment) of the BAT conclusions, approved and recommended by the EU, is shown. This is due to the specificity (effects of potentiation and summation of pollutants; background concentrations) of industrial air pollution and stricter requirements to the standardization of its quality in Ukraine. Based on the conducted research and the results of risk assessment, five TSPE for the equipment (installations) for different types of productions were established and agreed.

air pollution, pollutant, exposure, technological standards of permissible emissions, human health risk assessment, risk management.

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