Information to authors

Academic Journal Hygiene of populated places publishes the articles with new theoretical and experimental data, results of investigations in the field of the state of health of population and environment. The manuscripts should have a covering letter. Volume of the paper shouldnt exceed 23 000 printed symbols with spaces. The article should be signed by each author, it gives a right for its publication and location on the website of the journal. The articles, published in other editions, are not accepted.

Requirements to the article

Please indicate UDC, the authors (authors) surname(s) and initials, official names of the institution where the author works, article title (to 10 words) should reflect its meaning. The signs of each author, contact address and telephone number are necessary. The articles are published in Ukrainian and English.

The abstract should include the following information: title of the article, authors (authors) surname(s) and initials, and information on the objective, materials, methods and main results (to 300 words). The abstract should be in Ukrainian and English.

Keywords: not more than 5 - 6 words in Ukrainian and English.

Requirements to the References

A number of the works in references should not exceed 12-15 in the original experimental work and 40 in the survey. References are given according to the rules of references presentation according to the requirements of the SCOPUS (Elsevier) abstract analytical database in the original language and composed due to the order of citing in the text.
One cannot refer to non-published works and works of limited use, dissertations, working documents of the WHO and other organizations.
Examples of the References can be found on the site of the journal.
The author sends an e-mail with text and abstract with the title of the article and names of the authors. Format of text files: doc, rtf. Tables should be in one of the current versions of the Word processing packages.
The articles sent to the editorial board are not returned to the authors. The articles are accepted for publication according to the results of the editorial review.

Our address: Hygiene of populated places
50, Popudrenko Str., Kyiv, 02094, Ukraine

Tell: + 38 (044) 292-0606 + 38 (044) 574-0100



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